How to upload your Products

  • First you need to update your Store details to be more visible for your Customers.
  • To update your Store details, you need to go to Store from the Menu (shown in the image below)
  • Insert your Store Banner and Store Logo (shown in the image below). If you don’t have your store banner, you can keep an image of yourself/shop)
  • Update your Store Schedule.
  • Upload your Store information.
  • Click Update Store.
  • After your Store is Updated, you can go to Post Your Ad at the top right of your screen (shown in the image below).
  • Select your Ad Type, category and sub category.
  • Next, fill up your Product Information (shown in the image below).
  • Your Product Description.
  • Add your Product Images.
  • Fill up your necessary Contact Details (shown in the image below)
  • Click Submit after filling up your product details.
  • After you press Submit, your product will be displayed on your listings. (Go to your Account page, From the Menu go to ‘My Listings‘ to view your Ads)
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